Immersion Fluent English Communication


"For Life with English"

In Immersion Communication English you will continue to develop your knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar, and expressions as you work towards a higher level of fluency. The topics you will discuss in class, the readings you will do at home, and the essays and papers you will write will cover a broader subject matter, and you'll see your English fluency expand as you further build your confidence. 

You'll also learn to improve your critical thinking skills and your logic as you engage in lively debates and discussions with your teachers and classmates. You'll be called upon to speak in every listen, and do more speaking in English than ever have before - and you'll have your expert teacher beside you, offering corrections and suggestions to help you improve.

When you're ready for Immersion Communication English, you're on the path to true fluency in the English language, and you'll see this when you realize that you can "Speak, Think, and Dream in English!"

Immersion Communication English is available throughout the day and at times and schedules suitable to your busy modern lifestyle. 

Test & Fee

A free placement test with 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) is required for all students at Oxford English UK Vietnam before register in suitable class

For further information, pls don’t hesitate to contact us:

Customer Service Dept- Oxford English UK Vietnam Center

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