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Bài test - TOEIC

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Thông tin của bạn

1. "Customers come first" has always been one of the key business ... at M & M Mortgages

  • principle
  • principals
  • principles
  • principal

2. When they are competing against brand-name chains, stores relying ... on word-of-mouth referrals should consider purchasing a print advertisement.

  • less
  • solely
  • further
  • otherwise

3. I ... bacon and eggs every morning.

  • use to eat
  • am used to eating
  • used to eating
  • am used to eat

4. Dear Stone Blair, I'm not certain that you are the person I need to address, but the help desk operator at Autotech forwarded me ... e-mail address. It is now midmonth, and Microserve has still not received a March invoice from Autotech.

  • its
  • his
  • your
  • their

5. I had quite ... on my way to work this morning.

  • an affair
  • a happening
  • an adventure
  • an experiment

6. Two delays, a thunderstorm and a missed connection combined to make Mr. Cox's cross country flight ... miserable.

  • exceptionally
  • exceptions
  • exception
  • exceptional

7. The plane was ... by two hours because of bad weather.

  • rearranged
  • put off
  • postponed
  • delayed

8. During the meeting, Zeke Grabowski made ... loud and clear about his position on the firm's proposed acquisition of Penny Pharmaceuticals

  • his
  • himself
  • he
  • him

9. Mr. Carter's absence, inquiries should be directed to his..., Mr. Zimbrowski

  • associated
  • associate
  • associates
  • association

10. Wilson Electronics announced Tuesday that 500 workers will be ... off next month due to the slumping economy

  • thrown
  • put
  • laid
  • cut

11. The police carried out a ... search for the missing diplomat.

  • thoughful
  • throughout
  • through
  • thorough

12. n. brain; human faculty which reasons and judges; human consciousness that is separate from the body; memory; recollection; opinion; intention; desire

  • mind
  • underline
  • mission
  • hallmark

13. If we go to the market we might find a ....

  • trade
  • bargain
  • chance
  • shopping

14. Because of ... exceptional durability, IXC chips are in high demand for the new QC operating systems.

  • itself
  • they
  • its
  • their

15. Mrs. Summers complained that the CEO's power-point presentation on the history of modern architecture was ...

  • bores
  • boredom
  • bored
  • boring

16. as rich as ________ = extremely rich.

  • a two nails
  • pie
  • honey
  • Croesus

17. n. manner of acting; conduct

  • affinity
  • menu
  • simulation
  • behavio(u)r

18. Mr. Hawkins is a hard worker who usually performs quite ... under pressure.

  • excellent
  • well
  • superb
  • good

19. Some workers still need ... of the rules pertaining to common courtesy among colleagues in the workplace.

  • be reminding
  • have reminded
  • remind
  • to be reminded

20. n. supplement

  • group of judges; board, flat piece of wood; band; strip; crew; team; staff
  • drink; refreshment
  • something which makes up for a deficiency; addition; extra added part
  • concern; fear; misfortune; distr ess; source of concern; ripping of meat with the teeth (e.g. by dogs)

21. n. autograph

  • a person's handwritten signature
  • heap; tall bookshelf; chimney; (Computers) area in memory where information can be stored and then retrieved in the reverse order; (Internet) layers of the open system interconnection used to transfer information
  • company; commerical business; corporation
  • piece of soft material which cushions; block of pages stacked together and connected on one side; one's lodging (Slang); sanitary napkin; soft padded sections on the bottom of an animal's paw; sound of footsteps

22. Ms. Griffiths was eliminated as a candidate when she answered yes to the question, "Have you ever ... anything from a previous employer?"

  • steal
  • stole
  • stealing
  • stolen

23. Dick will be waiting ... them at the entrance door.

  • on
  • at
  • for
  • to

24. After speeding to the airport and sprinting across the terminal, the PelCro Corp. executives arrived just ... time to catch their flight.

  • below
  • in
  • at
  • on

25. v. lay off

  • to fasten with buttons; to be fastened with buttons
  • to postpone; to dismiss from a job; to fire
  • to recover; to regain; to bring back; to fetch; to find and bring back; to rescue; to save; to find information and display it as output (Computers)
  • to appoint; to specify; to identify; to designate

26. It's most unwise to ... in a quarrel between a man and his wife.

  • interfere
  • mix
  • poke
  • involve

27. There are ... trains running today because of the go-slow.

  • scarcer
  • little
  • less
  • fewer

28. The CEO of VitaTech announced that the company's fourth quarter earnings forecast will be ... to the press today.

  • released
  • demoted
  • exchanged
  • published

29. Elementary school children, who have not yet been repeatedly disappointed by other people, are much more ... than older and more cynical high school students.

  • trusting
  • enjoyable
  • relaxed
  • inquisitive

30. Our guests didn't leave until 2 a.m., so they ... have enjoyed themselves.

  • might
  • may
  • can't
  • must

31. I'm very tired - I ... all morning.

  • have been working
  • am working
  • was worked
  • work

32. The post office is located .... the end of the block, next to Charlestown Dry Cleaners.

  • along
  • on
  • at
  • in

33. If the intended ... is not at home, leave notification that the package may be picked up at the post office during regular business hours.

  • recipient
  • reciprocal
  • receptionist
  • receiver

34. Ms. Mertenson will be unavailable next week ... you have made a previous appointment

  • so
  • except
  • unless
  • until

35. After several days of negotiations, Turner Associates finally made a marketing ... with Ignatius Imports.

  • letter
  • recommendation
  • deal
  • package

36. Employees who wish to take the day after Thanksgiving as a personal day off .... approval

  • Have
  • can
  • should
  • must

37. It is particularly important that we sort out this error before May first. We are a small company that submits tax forms twice a year, and we must include this information as part of our .... As the accountant of Microserve, it is my duty to submit all invoices related to spending to our head office by May 3rd at the latest.

  • exchange
  • expertise
  • expenses
  • exercise

38. We ... receive an electronic invoice on the first of the month, and a reminder notice approximately half way through the month. Neither of these has been received; therefore, I assume the bill has not been issued.

  • almost
  • rarely
  • never
  • generally

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