The Best Way to Learn Writing Okay, so you've been accepted to a top college in the U.S. or another English speaking country. It's time to celebrate! But it's also time to hone your skills to make certain you can do the work in English at the college level and get top grades and prepare for your future after college. Research Methods & Writing is the course you need.

In this course, you will learn the essay writing techniques you need in order to hand-in excellent assignments to your professors. You'll learn how to use footnotes and endnotes, how to cite published works, and how to create a bibliography - all skills that you don't want to go to college without.

Students write at least three major papers during the course and must do all research and prepare the works cited page (bibliography) page. The course will help students accepted to U.S. colleges to feel more confident in their first writing and research methods courses.


This course is normally only available to students who have already been accepted to college. For students still applying to U.S. colleges or only thinking about applying, please register for College Application Essay.

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