Director of Oxford English UK Vietnam Centre

John graduated from Western Illinois University (USA) and has completed several international teaching certificates such as TEFL and CELTA. John has over 6 years teaching experiences in Vietnam and overall over 30 years of training background. John maintains a very unique teaching style related to critical thinking and has assisted many Vietnamese students achieve scores surpassing over 2,000 on the SAT. Currently, John is the Director of Oxford English UK Vietnam and is involved in all facets of education including SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, English communication, business communication and college application essay writing. 


Director of Study

Stephen graduated with excellent degree at University of Wales, which is the third-oldest university with prolonged history and cultures after Oxford and Cambridge in England. With more than 12 years experience of teaching English and having TEFL certificate; Stephen is currently working as Director of Studies at Oxford English UK Vietnam and is involved in some facets of education concerning IETLS, TOEFL iBT and business English. 


Training Director

Not only achieved a full scholarship and graduated with degrees in mathematics and economics at University of Alaska Anchorage (USA), Austen has international English teaching certificates such as CELTA and TEFL. After several years of teaching experience in Vietnam with outstanding performance in training and educating, Austen has many wonderful and brilliant students. Currently, he is in charge of the English communication program and TOEFL test preparation at Oxford English UK Vietnam.


English Teacher with CELTA 

Tucker has been teaching English at a variety of different levels for nearly four years. Specializing in University and Graduate program entrance tasks, Tucker has used his 2350 SAT score and his training in TOEFL and IELTS testing to assist students in their dreams of going to University in the UK, Australia and America. His work with University students has resulted in their acceptance to prestigious masters and PhD track programs at Princeton University, Bristol University, Tulane University, and more. Along with his extensive test-oriented skillset, Tucker is an accomplished general English teacher, using the Communicative method to help students of all ages increase their understanding and comfort with the English language from the very earliest stages all the way up to comfortable fluency. 


English teacher with TEFL

Cian graduated with a BA in Physics from the University of Sheffield Hallan. In addition, he has an International English teaching certificate (TEFL) and many other outstanding achievements in the field of education and training. He has not only enthusiasm but also a substantial amount of teaching experience in the field of IELTS test preparation. Furthermore, Cian always talks to and treats his student like friends in order to support and guide them throughout their IELTS training at Oxford English UK Vietnam.


English teacher with TESOL

Nathan has a Masters of Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University and spent several years working at the University. Nathan brings a desire to help students learn and develop to reach their fullest potential. He has two international English teaching certificates, which are TEFL and TESOL. At Oxford English UK Vietnam, Nathan is in charge of English communication, English Business and TOEFL.


English teacher with CELTA

One of our American teachers with many years of teaching and TOEFL experience in Thailand and Vietnam. The students are attracted in his considerate, friendly, and lively teaching style.  In order to better assert a pedagogical expertise in English language teaching, he received a CELTA certification. Currently, he is in charge of communication in English, Business English, and TOEFL preparation at Oxford English UK Vietnam.


English teacher with CELTA

Connor graduated with first class honor degree from the University of Ulster solid (in the top of the prestigious universities in the UK), and is advisor for numerous educational activities have made remarkable achievements. Moreover, he got CELTA certification and English teaching experience for all ages. Currently he is in charge of teaching communicative English and IELTS adults in Oxford English UK Vietnam.


English teacher with CELTA

After graduated from University of Ulster (UK), to enhance expertise in language teaching, Aaron got an international English teaching certificate CELTA. His classes always make students feel comfortable by his new teaching methods, friendlier with more attractive joyful and youthful games concerning vocabulary and phrases in English. With many valuable experiences, he is proud that his students get more progress and confident in communicate in English after each course.


English teacher with TESOL

Graduated Master from University of Alabama Tuscaloosa School (USA), with many years of management experience in a number of elementary and secondary schools in the US, she has an extensive knowledge of psychology and personality of young children clearly. Especially, after having TESOL and TEFL international English teaching certificate, with her natural ability to transmit academic and innate knowledge, her student always enjoy and understand knowledge in each class. Currently, she is in charge of English Children class at Oxford English UK Vietnam


English teacher with CELTA

Charlie is not only a British teacher with enthusiasm and a  dedicated teaching style, but also has a special love for children. Learning with her, children always feel the tenderness and intimacy from a teacher who gives herself to her teaching career. After graduating from Liverpool John Moores University (UK), she also got CELTA certification as another important foundation for her teaching career. Currently, she is in charge of English Children at Oxford English UK Vietnam.


English teacher with CELTA

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and German-University of Leeds
  • Teaching background: CELTA
  •  Experiences: 6 years experienced of all levels: General English, IELTS