Soft Skills for Corporate

‘IQ gets you hired, EQ gets you promoted’
Oxford English UK Vietnam Corporate Training Program in Soft Skills consists of the following modules:
Soft Skills Modules English Level Main Content Class Size / Hours
Negotiations &
Intermediate – Advanced Ensure win-win solutions for the interests of both sides. 12-25 persons
20 Hours
Time Management Intermediate – Advanced Do the right things and do them better more efficiently. 12-25 persons
10 Hours
Change Management Intermediate - Advanced Manage change effectively in a complex world. 12-25 persons
10 Hours
Team Building &
Intermediate – Advanced Work productively in groups to enable success. 12-25 persons
10 Hours
Problem Solving & Decision-Making Intermediate – Advanced Find and create optimal solutions to everyday problems. 12-25 persons
10 Hours
Five Modules     60 Hours Total

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