You know you want to apply to colleges in the U.S. and the biggest challenge you face is the SAT Verbal examination. The SAT now includes critical reading, writing (grammar), and a challenging essay topic. The test is full of high-level, difficult vocabulary and highly complex ideas requiring excellent critical thinking skills. And you know a top-score is one of the keys to unlocking the door to the highest-ranked colleges in the U.S.

SAT Preparation with the Immersion College Preparation program is the best way to raise your skills and shoot for a perfect score of 2400. In SAT Preparation, our expert American English teachers will teach you the vocabulary you need. They'll teach you how to understand the test-makers tricks and techniques in developing critical reading passages, and they'll teach you how to find the right answers every time. They'll refine and polish your grammar skills, giving you an understanding of sentence coordination and subordination, parallel structures, and effective use of the active voice in ways you never learned before. Most importantly, they'll help you to read the stories, poems, and novels American High School students read, so that you'll be ready to write essays with compelling and powerful examples. You'll master writing top-scoring essays under time pressure, and you'll be amazed when you can write an excellent essay for any topic!

SAT Preparation program includes 03 levels. Beginners will start with SAT A. This level is designed for students who get less than or equal to 1800 SAT scores. Others who have higher level of English will start with SAT B and then study SAT C.

SAT Preparation is also the foundation course for our College Essay Writing and College Research Methods and Writing courses. These courses work together to first get you INTO college, and then get you THROUGH college with excellent grades.

Test and fee

A free placement test is required for all students at Oxford English UK Vietnam before register in suitable level.

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