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Bài Test- Tiếng Anh giao tiếp

Số câu hỏi: 40

Thời gian làm bài: 30 phút

tiếng Anh giao tiếp giúp bạn tự tin và thành công trong công việc cũng như cuộc sống

Thông tin của bạn

1. Ms. Mertenson will be unavailable next week ... you have made a previous appointment

  • except
  • until
  • unless
  • so

2. Employees who wish to take the day after Thanksgiving as a personal day off .... approval

  • can
  • must
  • should
  • Have

3. Our guests didn't leave until 2 a.m., so they ... have enjoyed themselves.

  • may
  • must
  • can't
  • might

4. "Customers come first" has always been one of the key business ... at M & M Mortgages

  • principals
  • principal
  • principles
  • principle

5. n. manner of acting; conduct

  • menu
  • behavio(u)r
  • simulation
  • affinity

6. Mr. Carter's absence, inquiries should be directed to his..., Mr. Zimbrowski

  • associate
  • association
  • associates
  • associated

7. as rich as ________ = extremely rich.

  • pie
  • Croesus
  • honey
  • a two nails

8. After several days of negotiations, Turner Associates finally made a marketing ... with Ignatius Imports.

  • recommendation
  • package
  • deal
  • letter

9. When they are competing against brand-name chains, stores relying ... on word-of-mouth referrals should consider purchasing a print advertisement.

  • solely
  • otherwise
  • further
  • less

10. ............. business, a merger is a combination of two or more corporations under one management.

  • C. On
  • D. The
  • B. At
  • In

11. The plane was ... by two hours because of bad weather.

  • put off
  • delayed
  • postponed
  • rearranged

12. I'm very tired - I ... all morning.

  • am working
  • work
  • was worked
  • have been working

13. Dear Stone Blair, I'm not certain that you are the person I need to address, but the help desk operator at Autotech forwarded me ... e-mail address. It is now midmonth, and Microserve has still not received a March invoice from Autotech.

  • his
  • their
  • your
  • its

14. Elementary school children, who have not yet been repeatedly disappointed by other people, are much more ... than older and more cynical high school students.

  • enjoyable
  • inquisitive
  • relaxed
  • trusting

15. A dolphin ……………. a porpoise in that it has a longer nose

  • different from
  • different
  • differs
  • differs from

16. There are ... trains running today because of the go-slow.

  • little
  • fewer
  • less
  • scarcer

17. Alice Freeman, ................. to head Wellesley College at age 27, is one of the youngest college presidents in history.

  • that is appointed
  • has been appointed
  • who was appointed
  • is appointed

18. It's most unwise to ... in a quarrel between a man and his wife.

  • mix
  • involve
  • poke
  • interfere

19. v. lay off

  • to postpone; to dismiss from a job; to fire
  • to appoint; to specify; to identify; to designate
  • to recover; to regain; to bring back; to fetch; to find and bring back; to rescue; to save; to find information and display it as output (Computers)
  • to fasten with buttons; to be fastened with buttons

20. Ms. Griffiths was eliminated as a candidate when she answered yes to the question, "Have you ever ... anything from a previous employer?"

  • stole
  • stolen
  • stealing
  • steal

21. The CEO of VitaTech announced that the company's fourth quarter earnings forecast will be ... to the press today.

  • demoted
  • published
  • exchanged
  • released

22. n. supplement

  • drink; refreshment
  • concern; fear; misfortune; distr ess; source of concern; ripping of meat with the teeth (e.g. by dogs)
  • something which makes up for a deficiency; addition; extra added part
  • group of judges; board, flat piece of wood; band; strip; crew; team; staff

23. It is only recently that ballets have been based on themes ............. American life.

  • is reflecting
  • reflects
  • reflecting
  • reflected

24. It can sometimes ............. a home.

  • selling takes several months
  • to take months to sell
  • take several months to sell
  • to sell taking several months

25. n. brain; human faculty which reasons and judges; human consciousness that is separate from the body; memory; recollection; opinion; intention; desire

  • underline
  • hallmark
  • mission
  • mind

26. ................. problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs.

  • Of the biggest one
  • One of the biggest
  • The biggest one
  • There are the biggest

27. After speeding to the airport and sprinting across the terminal, the PelCro Corp. executives arrived just ... time to catch their flight.

  • in
  • on
  • at
  • below

28. If the intended ... is not at home, leave notification that the package may be picked up at the post office during regular business hours.

  • reciprocal
  • receiver
  • receptionist
  • recipient

29. Between the California Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada .....................

  • being the great Central Valley
  • great Central Valley
  • the great Central Valley
  • lies the great Central Valley

30. Because of ... exceptional durability, IXC chips are in high demand for the new QC operating systems.

  • they
  • their
  • its
  • itself

31. I ... bacon and eggs every morning.

  • am used to eating
  • am used to eat
  • used to eating
  • use to eat

32. Some of the rainwater from clouds evaporates before ..............

  • reach the ground
  • reaching the ground
  • to reach the ground
  • the ground reaches

33. I had quite ... on my way to work this morning.

  • a happening
  • an experiment
  • an adventure
  • an affair

34. ............. of commodities by air began in the 1920s at the same time as airmail service

  • The shipped
  • The shipping
  • A ship
  • To ship

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