With the increasing demand for the IELTS certificate in Vietnam nowadays, finding the right English learning center has become crucial. There are numerous options available, making it essential for parents to select a reputable center that offers high-quality IELTS preparation. 

In this article, we will discuss the 4 essential criterias provided by Oxford English Vietnam to help parents choose the most suitable and reputable IELTS preparation center in Hanoi.

1. Valid Operating License:

When considering an English center, it is vital to ensure that it holds a valid operating license issued by the relevant state agency. This license verifies the center's eligibility to operate and teaches English. Additionally, the center must adhere to the current laws and regulations regarding professional qualifications and pedagogical skills of their teachers. Reputable centers that meet these criteria will be listed by the authorities and can be easily found on platforms such as Google, providing comprehensive information about each center.

2. Prestigious Teaching Methods and Learning Materials:

A reliable IELTS preparation center will utilize programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, well-designed private programs, or respected curriculum from higher education institutions and colleges. These centers carefully select textbooks from reputable international sources that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the learners and the center's teaching capabilities. Officially licensed coursebooks, supplemented with practical activities, allow students to engage in listening and speaking exercises and encourage interactive experiences with native speakers or foreigners. This comprehensive approach enhances student interest and enthusiasm for learning the English language.

3. Qualified and Competent Teachers:

One of the crucial factors to consider when choosing an English center is the competence and expertise of its teaching staff. Reputable centers have a stringent selection process for hiring teachers. It is important to ensure that teachers possess strong English language skills and effective teaching techniques. An exceptional teaching team should hold recognized teaching certifications such as TESOL, TEFL, TESL, or IELTS, or have received training from reputable language teaching organizations. Vietnamese teachers should ideally possess a college degree in foreign language pedagogy or foreign languages, accompanied by a teaching certificate, while foreign teachers should hold a college degree or higher, along with suitable teaching training in their native language.

Moreover, an excellent teacher goes beyond imparting knowledge and aims to develop life skills and provide practical insights. They create an engaging and supportive learning environment, sharing personal stories and experiences to enrich the learning process.

4. Innovative and Adaptive Learning Approaches:

A top-notch IELTS preparation center offers a creative and intelligent learning module that combines interactive methods with effective study techniques. Engaging activities, interactive learning tools, and ample opportunities for students to practice listening and speaking skills are crucial components of an effective curriculum. Reputable centers also embrace technology and develop user-friendly online learning platforms, enabling students to access study materials and practice anytime and anywhere.

When selecting an IELTS preparation center for your child, it is essential to consider four key criteria: a valid operating license, reputable teaching methods and learning materials, a qualified teaching team, and an innovative learning approach. These criteria ensure that the chosen center is reliable and capable of providing an effective learning environment. Additionally, parents should review enrollment information, testimonials, and feedback from other parents and students who have experienced the center. By choosing a reputable center, students can benefit from quality English education, develop essential language skills, and enhance their prospects for academic and professional success.