3 Criterias for parents in Tay Ho District to choose a suitable IELTS English Center for their children

Are you a parent living in Tay Ho District and searching for a reputable English language center to prepare your child for the IELTS exam? Whether it's self-study or online learning, studying IELTS at a high-quality English center brings immense benefits and helps your child achieve their desired scores. In this article, we will explore three criteria that parents can apply when choosing a center.

1. Suitable geographical location

Located at 11A Nguyen Hoang Ton, Oxford English UK is an ideal learning address, situated in the heart of Tay Ho District, only 3-5 km away from major residential areas such as Ciputra and Starlake Hồ Tây. This convenient location ensures easy transportation for your children, especially during hot summer months. Established and licensed since 2003, Oxford has achieved significant success in its 20 years of operation and development.

2. Highly skilled teaching staff

The instructors at Oxford come from various parts of the world, including the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. Together, they bring decades of teaching experience and professional English teaching skills to the classroom. They hold internationally recognized certifications such as TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA, as well as bachelor's or master's degrees from prestigious foreign institutions and universities. Vietnamese teachers also possess reputable English teaching certifications alongside foreign language bachelor's degrees. Oxford's teachers are renowned for their ability to inspire students through dynamic and engaging presentations during class.

3. Quality and effective curriculum

One of the significant advantages of studying at an English center is having a structured curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the IELTS exam. With the IELTS 7.0+ committed program developed over a decade by IELTS experts in the UK in collaboration with experienced instructors at Oxford Vietnam, students can easily access study materials and practice skills without searching extensively across different platforms. Additionally, with a maximum class size of 16 students, teachers provide dedicated and detailed support in lessons and exercises.

Known for its dedicated service and outstanding student achievements, Oxford English UK offers a unique and exciting learning experience for your children. With modern facilities and a dynamic learning environment, Oxford English UK is committed to helping your child succeed in the IELTS exam. Invest in your child's future today and witness their progress as they achieve their desired IELTS scores.